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Büyükyalı is a residential project placed in an attractive location that is in Zeytinburnu. The project is being constructed with the partnership of the government. Büyükyalı rises on the coastal road that goes along with the sea of Maramara which creates a phenomenal seaside kind of life, since it only takes one minute of walking to reach the marina its directly connects the project to the shore. In addition, the 30 kilometers long coastal road will make walking and bicycling much more enjoyable with the fascinating sea view. Moreover, there is a really important characteristic in the project that is its being surrounded with everything you would need, such as; the downtown being only 4 kilometers away Büyükyalı, 2.5 kilometers away the highway, 10 kilometers away the airport, and only 300 meters away the metro station. As well as, for the schools and shopping centers there are inside the project itself, giving the best experience for all ages. 


Büyükyalı is planning to have a huge variety of open and close door activities like: Green areas, marina, coastal road, stone square, sports club, swimming pool and for sure the services such as: 24/7 security and the smart house system. 


There is one specialty in this compound which is that there is a water tower centered in the middle of the project that is one of the limited number of examples of the industrial architectural heritage, it will be exhibited as a cultural asset befitting the restoration project, the Turkish bath which differed classical ottoman architecture and it will be used as a luxury restaurant, armored vehicles repair shop which survived the 19th century it will be cafes, shops, restaurants, and exhibition units as part of Büyükyalı.


The project area is 111 hectares that consists of 18 building blocks. The residence has a variety of apartments and a block furnished all by Fendi as well as, villas: 


• (1+1); -Area: is between (54m2 – 133m2).

              -Price: 2,108,000 TL min to 3,861,000 TL max.

• (2+1); -Area: is in between (103m2 – 223m2).

               -Price: 2,773,000 TL min to 7,830,000 TL max.

• (3+1); -Area: is in between (163m2 – 345m2).

               -Price: 4,155,000 TL min to 13,795,000 TL max.

• Duplex (3+1); -Area: is in between (214m2 – 278m2).

                              -Price: 9,965,000 TL min to 11,005,000 TL max.

• (4+1); -Area: is in between (208m2 – 545m2).

               -Price: 5,994,000 TL min to 28,416,000 TL max.

• Duplex (4+1); -Area: is in between (297m2 – 336m2).

                              -Price: 17,975,000 TL min to 20,151,425 TL max.

• Duplex (5+1); -Area: is in between (332m2 – 334m2).

                              -Price: 17,102,000 TL min to 20,557,000 TL max.


Fendi block:

• (2+1); -Area: is in between (144m2 – 189m2).

              -Price: 7,073,000 TL min to 10,732,000 TL max.

• (3+1); -Area: is in between (200m2 – 241m2).

               -Price: 8,913,000 TL min to 12,015,000 TL max.

• (4+1); -Area: is 333m2.

               -Price: 16,492,000 TL min to 28,360,000 TL max.


Villa / Lofts; -Area: is in between (355m2 – 545m2)

                         -Price: 12,273,000 TL min to 28,709,000 TL max.


*The installment payment plan is 30% down payment for 12 months.


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