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Cer Istanbul blends the essence of ancient Istanbul with the urban social     life of today, with its preserved historical sites. It will be one of the world's outstanding rebuild housing initiatives, introducing innovative houses into the region with a modern architectural approach, and understanding them with environmental architecture. It was developed with outstanding compassion by considering features such as appreciation of historical outline, associations with vintage items and the location's essence.


Cer Istanbul project is located on the European side of Istanbul, that was in the historical peninsula on a land area of ​​40,000m2. Cer Istanbul is designed as a residence and shop project that has a total of 125 residence residences and 23 commercial units. The site is designed with an architectural structure suitable for the historical texture of the region in which it is located. As they have a construction workshop building the trains were pulled for maintenance and repair. That has been restored and designed as a commercial unit. The compound consists of 10 blocks with sea view, the blocks are planned as ground plus 3 floors. In addition, an area of ​​31,000m2 was devoted to green areas in the project, which was designed to use natural wood and stone in its construction.


Rising in Güntekin street of Yedikule neighborhood of Fatih district of Istanbul in the center of the city, Cer Istanbul is located very close to Yedikule dungeons.  The project, which has a valuable location with easy access to every point of Istanbul, is located 13 kilometers Ataturk Airport.  The Eurasia tunnel is 2 kilometers away, Marmaray Kazl?çe?me station is 800 meters, D-100 highway is 4 kilometers far the residence, Yenikap? Metro station is 4.5 kilometers and Yenikap? ferry port are 3.6 kilometers away.  The project is close to shopping malls, educational institutions, and health centers. It stands out with its sea and land public transportation options. The 558-meter-long beach front location and the marina just opposite increase the investment value of the project.


Cer Istanbul site has various floor plans such as, 1+1, 2.5+1, 3+1, 3.5+1 duplex, 4+1, 4+1 duplex, and 6+1 duplex apartment options in the residence, whose areas range 63m2 to 348m2.  While the architectural structure with glass facade creates bright and spacious spaces, the exterior architecture is designed in accordance with the historical structure.  In the compound the social facility includes a Turkish bath, SPA, steam room, walking and cycling track, and an indoor swimming pool.  In addition, home cleaning service, dry cleaning, ironing service, in-site and common area camera system, smart building infrastructure, restaurant, reception and consultancy service, 24/7 high level security service, valet service and car rental service designed for Cer Istanbul project.


  • (1+1); -Area: is between (72m2 – 103.10m2).

           -Price: 2,138,000 TL min to 3,402,000 TL max.

  • (2.5+1); -Area: is in between (144m2 – 163.58m2).

               -Price: 4,149,000 TL min to 4,290,000 TL max.

  • (3+1); -Area: is in between (180.15m2 – 242.88m2).

            -Price: 5,107,300 TL min to 7,290,000 TL max.

  • Duplex (3.5+1); -Area: is in between (236.61m2 – 241.96m2).

                             -Price: 7,006,000 TL min to 8,084,000 TL max.

  • (4+1); -Area: is in between (243.92m2 – 319.45m2).

            -Price: 6,964,000 TL min to 9,700,000 TL max.

  • Duplex (4+1); -Area: is in between (269.63m2 – 275.56m2).

                         -Price: 7,378,000 TL min to 8,974,000 TL max.

  • Duplex (6+1); -Area: is 348.60m2.

                         -Price: 9,763,000 TL.


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