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Taksim 360 is positioned in the center of Istanbul, two continents and diverse civilizations, traditions, voices, and tastes come together, Taksim 360 is a whole new meeting point in Taksim. Taksim 360, Turkey's first Renewal Venture. It was revived by properly retaining Beyo?lu's historical, architectural, and cultural principles. Istanbul has acquired a whole new vitality and core of appeal with the beauty of polyphony. As it offers a complete existence not only with its offices and blocks of residence but also with its restaurants, art galleries and venue. Istanbul lovers that choose to encounter Istanbul's historical and cultural heritage like Ni?anta??, Cihangir and Eminönü have several tales to hear at Taksim 360, which are all symbolic to Istanbul.


Taksim 360 is Turkey’s first public-private partnership “Urban Renewal” project with a construction area of 165.000 m2 and a facade of 220 meters. The project is designed as a modern platform for living and innovation, featuring 9 blocks and 918 apartments that provide housing, offices, commercial centers, retail centers, and conceptual streets for social activities.


Galata to Beyo?lu and Pera, a vibrant attraction that serves a variety of requirements. Taksim is a home of the oldest educational institutions, museums, and galleries in Istanbul, as it is also prominent in cultural traditions. One always has several motivations to stay and work here not only currently but for centuries.


Ni?anta?? is just a few minutes away the region, you can have a shopping experience with a broad variety of offerings international brands guiding the latest fashion trends to clothing stores that set local style. While buying, you can expand the pleasure by sampling various examples of world cuisine with your friends at one of the countless cafes and restaurants in the area. Moreover, whenever you want to explore an art gallery or museum, you can feast your soul on a broad variety of possibilities inside the richest cultural heritage of Istanbul among a walking distance in this area.


The offices designed with sophisticated architectural detailing are perfect for your high-level meetings and have the essential services for glamorous corporate life. With the VIP transfer service, which is suitable for your appointments in another area of the city, and the airport transfer service, you will appreciate the advantages available in the rush of daily life. People will recognize the elegance and design quality of a five-star luxury hotel in the doors and corridors of apartments, which are crafted with a systematic concept and design aesthetic.


Taksim 360 is in the heart of Istanbul which is nearby any place or an area that you need to attain to. The Taksim Metro station is 300 meters away and the Taksim Square it’s 360 meters away the project. As well as, its 3 kilometers away to reach to Eminönü, Be?ikta?, and Ni?anta??. In addition, it’s 6 kilometers away to arrive at Levent and reach to the “15 Temmuz ?ehitler” bridge. Maslak is 15 kilometers far the site. Also, the “Fatih Sultan Mehmet” bridge is 17 kilometers far away. As for the airports the site is centered in the middle of both European and Asian airport, Istanbul airport (European side) is 38 kilometers and Sabiha Gökçen airport (Asian side) is 40 kilometers far away Taksim 360.


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