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All that matters to you about Turkish citizenship

Istanbul is a touristic destination in Turkey, and it is considered as an investment-friendly place, and Arabs are generally looking for Turkish citizenship, which we will talk about in this article. Istanbul (ISTANBUL HEIGHTS) provides full services to clients, in addition to procedures for residency and the Turkish citizenship through investment in real estate in Istanbul. Before we talk about the benefits of the Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport and how to obtain it, many of us are concerned about. We must know the pre-conditions which should be met by the person seeking to apply for that nationality, so that the foreign citizens wishing to obtain the Turkish citizenship need to fulfill the following conditions: 1- In the case of a stateless citizen, they must already reach the legal age, according to the description of the laws of his country or the laws of Turkey.
2- To live in Turkey for a period of five years without interruption before the application is made.
3- They intend to settle in Turkey and take measures to prove this.
4- Free from any disease threatening public health.
5- Have good etiquette.
6- Have the ability to speak Turkish.
7- They have a decent income for his livelihood in Turkey.
8- They do not oppose a threat to national security and public order.

It is certain that these requirements do not grant foreign nationals the absolute right to acquire the citizenship, as there are several other ways to obtain it. Moreover, it might seem difficult to you, however (ISTANBUL HEIGHTS) makes it much easier and secure for you to obtain the Turkish citizen by investing in real estate in the most vibrant city in Turkey (Istanbul).

Benefits of the Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport * In the economic and political level, it is one of the strongest countries.
* The Turkish passport is ranked at 36th place in the world.
* The Turkish passport allows you to enter 72 countries without an entry visa, 42 countries are eligible to obtain an entry visa upon arrival, and 6 countries are entitled for an electronic entry visa.
* Ease of conducting legal transactions as a Turkish citizen.
* An advantage of free services such as education.
* An exemption from military service if you are over the age of 22.
* To be able to work anywhere without a work permit.
* A cohesive social atmosphere in which many different religions and cultures are embraced.
* Constantly develop infrastructure.
In addition to these benefits that (ISTANBUL HEIGHTS) will provide to you by granting you the citizenship by real estate investment, you will have the most exquisite apartments in modern secluded areas of Istanbul near the vital facilities and luxurious commercial complexes.

Obtaining citizenship by investment
Implementing the extension of documents to the Law No. 5901 on 12 January 2017, the right to apply for Turkish citizenship will be given to foreigners invested in Turkey and it fulfills one of the following conditions:

* Buying a property worth at least 250,000 USD that has not been sold for at least three years.
* An investment in a Turkish company of at least 2,000,000 USD in value.
* 500,000 USD deposit to a Turkish bank, that should not be withdrawn for a period of three years.
* Make an investment in government bonds with a value of at least 500,000 USD that cannot be sold for a period of three years.
* Employ 100 Turkish employees in a business owned by a foreign citizen.

These mentioned conditions above seems quite difficult, let the matter become easier and faster through your communication with (ISTANBUL HEIGHTS), and this will be enough to gain the right to obtain the Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship is one of the main reasons for the high demand for real estate in Turkey
During Turkey's increasing need for foreign investment, the above-mentioned legal amendments have been approved, resulting in a very positive response from local authorities and executive bodies to the applicants for investment in Turkey. Certainly, not only will this new strategy eliminate administrative and bureaucratic barriers to international investors, but it will also make their transactions simpler and more efficient than in the previous period. ISTANBUL HEIGHTS currently processes dozens of applications every week to gain the Turkish citizenship by investing in Istanbul. The percentage of real estate sales to foreign investors reached 78.30 percent in 2018 compared to 2017, according to the data from the Turkish Statistics Institute.

There is no doubt that the main factor behind this spike in real estate sales is the recent turnout for citizenship through new investment laws.

Affordable investments grant you the Turkish citizenship
There are several factors for the rise in demand for the Turkish citizenship by investment in real estate, and we will proceed to summarize the following reasons:

1- ISTANBUL HEIGHTS provides foreign investors with fair investment opportunities because of the current economic situation in Turkey, which is a steady decrease in the value of the Turkish lira, so that one can now buy facilities, hotels or luxurious accommodation in Istanbul without spending as much money as before.
2- Investment in a particular type or type of real estate is not obliged by law, which means that a foreign investor is free to choose what he considers suitable from a wide range of options, such as accommodation, real estate buildings, etc.
3- The investor no longer needs to submit a title deed as a condition for processing the application for citizenship through investment. The contract for sale has become sufficient.
4- Despite some new conditions that impose restrictions on selling real estate in instalments, you can purchase real estate in installments.
5- Turkey is a good destination for foreign investors who want to set up businesses or companies in Istanbul, due to the rapid growth of the Turkish economy, the increasing number of young people, the labor force, the geographical and geopolitical location and the facilities offered by (ISTANBUL HEIGHTS).
6- Turkey has also developed international exchange and investment rules, making it an atmosphere conducive to setting up projects at an efficient cost and making it possible for investors to meet the job and consumer requirements in global markets.
In short, the Turkish government's move to facilitate the requirements of foreign investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship seems to have attracted the attention of investors, especially Arabs.