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Real Estate Ownership in Turkey

Foreign investments in real estate have perceived a great amount of growth in Turkey due to the Turkish economic situation and its rapid growth with its geographic location, in which made Turkey, or especially Istanbul, that took the attention of Arabs and foreign investors to invest and own real estate in Turkey.

If you want to own a property in Istanbul and you are not sure where to start; with a limited budget, and you are confused by the dozens from the offers that you have seen, contact ISTANBUL HEIGHTS company to provide you with the proper investment that suits your best interest.

You must find the right property

The right property must be found in the right place with specific requirements, for example, a property in the city center, near to public transportations, train stations, schools and universities. As well as a suitable space with spacious rooms and stunning views that will certainly be desirable for anyone looking for a house to rent.

At the same time, the monthly rent will be higher compared to other apartments in other areas, as this will confirm the first rule for the investment in renting, which will give you the ability to make more profits from the rent alone rather than the resale.

Indeed, it is not complicated because when you communicate with ISTANBUL HEIGHTS, they will provide you with the necessary information to the right property in Istanbul.

The best advantages of buying a property in Turkey

The Turkish real estate market is known for its activeness, due to its laws that made the sale and purchase process easier, with new procedures that played a positive role in developing this sector in a way that resembles the development of its counterpart in the most important countries in the world.

The Turkish government has taken several major and bold decisions to advance the real estate sector in recent years, by providing some incentives that will encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey.

Among the most important factors that play a positive role in supporting this tendency:

1. Tax cuts:
These cuts included numerous decisions that specifically dealt with the real estate sector in Turkey, which played an efficient and positive role in stimulating the foreign investor to acquire more real estate.

The most important tax cut is excluding the foreigner from the value-added tax owed on the property.

2. Turkish citizenship in return for the property:
The amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law and the decision to grant citizenship to those who own a property worth 250,000 US dollars is a premier opportunity that should not be missed.

When you own a property in Istanbul through one of the largest leading companies in the field of the real estate investment, ISTANBUL HEIGHTS, the company will take over the necessary procedures and grant you the Turkish citizenship.

3. Real estate residence permit:
Foreign owners of a real estate with a value less than $ 250,000 are granted an annual renewable residency.

4. Real estate is cheaper in Turkey than in Europe:
Real estate prices in Turkey are much cheaper than those in Europe with an infrastructure features similar to the ones in Europe.

Moreover, the attractions are established in Turkey, especially Istanbul, it has a wonderful climate, a promising economy, a huge real estate market and many historical and touristic fascinations that attract tourists from all over the world.

All of these make the real estate investment in Istanbul and residence in Turkey profitable and ideal.

5. Good yield on investment:
Real estate investment in Istanbul provides a profitable return on investment based on the attractiveness of the tourism in Turkey, which is best reflected in the touristic seasons where the demand for rents is higher throughout the year.

When commercing with ISTANBUL HEIGHTS, this will be your ideal choice for real estate investment in a simple, unrelenting and profitable way.

6. Easier Life Expenses:
The relatively low expenses of living in Turkey, compared to the rest of Europe and the nearby countries, with the accessibility of luxury and advanced living systems, that provides an excessive stay in Turkey.

Everything you care about of the real estate in Turkey:
• Ownership in Turkey is a permanent ownership, however, in other countries the ownership lasts about 99 years.

• You have the right to inherit the property and register the heirs' file in the Istanbul Housing Department. As ISTANBUL HEIGHTS company will serve you with these details.

• You can buy a property in Turkey by installments.

In short: When you communicate with ISTANBUL HEIGHTS, you will be granted with the most wonderful apartments in the quiet and modern areas of Istanbul near the vital facilities and extravagant commercial complexes, as the company will provide you with all the necessary services for you.